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Lately speaking more often and more about vintage fashion: they organized exhibitions, fairs, events that accessories, clothing, jewelery, objects presented - are exposed in vintage style. Even in terms of underwear we can talk about vintage trend. What is actually vintage and how many Romanians who speak this important milestones know its meaning? Increasingly likely more, given the rapid spread of vintage fashion, but confusion is made even by those who consider themselves "experts" in fashion.

Originally, the term vintage is a wine acociat term, denoting output from a given crop year. Winery Port, for example, has declared vintage wines as those made in the year that had the best harvest. Therefore, vintage wines are quality wines and wines are not necessarily old. But usually, the best vineyards were recorded in the past, and quality wines are old, so gradually the term vintage was associated with older wines.

For several years, the term has been adopted and adapted in some areas such as art, fashion clothing, furniture, interior design and more, so did an "industry" in its own right. Vintage does not mean, in any case, second-hand, as many are inclined to believe. The confusion stems from misunderstanding of the term. Yes, vintage is old, but vintage is at the same time, and quality. Therefore, the difference between the vintage and second hand stores is or should be done valuable work date. Those who deal with trade vintage items are collectors and sellers of things not worn or used. They select and appreciate old things, superior quality: a Chanel costume from the '40s, the '50s Bertoia chair, furniture, etc. Victorian era. Implying that vintage items are not cheap - as most Romanians are tempted to believe, this is another misconception related to vintage fashion.

In interior design, vintage Shabby chic style is associated and requires the use of valuable parts old and new (but even used) and antique finishes, a neutral color scheme and pastel colors (blue, pink, vernal etc.). . Vintage items: picture frames, dishes, fabrics, oil paintings etc.. are characterized by quality and simplicity. To create a bohemian atmosphere, which keeps the appearance of a past time, it is recommended to maintain a clutter studied. Shabby chic decor assumed almost excessive use of white (furniture, finishes, accessories), but, to avoid monotony, it is recommended to step into the background with a different color from the pastel range.



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